Hip in my Hop

Turn around again

And go back

To the smack

With a wrap-around for rent

Sayin’ “Gotta’ represent!”

Knowledge at the deli

On the corner

In the city

Itty-gritty, not too pretty

What a shitty, shitty day

Hey, hey! Better recognize

The dialect that overlies

The woolin’-pullin’ over eyes

Underneath the smoggy skies

Lackin’ all the quackin’

Of a feather-fly-together

If ya’ see me and I smile

Will ya’ help me learn your style?


Better if I’m ready

Growin’ on me steady

Don’t‘cha wanna’ head me

On my way goin’ back?

Back, back to the city

And back to the smack

With a wrap-around for rent

Sayin’ “Gotta’ represent”

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