DART: Another FroliCat Review

       If you read my previous FroliCat review, you know just how impressed I have been with these innovators of the feline entertainment industry.  I was positively convinced that FroliCat’s BOLT was the single greatest accomplishment of the cat toy market to date.  But I was mistaken.  This is not to say that BOLT isn’t every bit as fantastic as I had claimed.  It absolutely is.  But today, I am writing to tell you about DART. 

       Yes, my dear cats and kittens, the good Doctors Foster and Smith of FroliCat have done it again, raising laser based fun to a whole new level.  Like BOLT, DART generates fluid, unpredictable movement patterns, but with the additional excitement of a 360 degree track.  My boy goes wild, chasing the random movements of the beam full circle around the room!  

       And the added enticement does not end with kitty’s extra dose of amusement.  DART provides supplemental human pleasing features as well.  The main attraction for me: the programmable length of play.  Whereas BOLT has an automatic shut-off after fifteen minutes, DART will continue running for the length of time desired, with program options of five, ten, fifteen or twenty minutes available if so desired.  This permits me to intermittently enjoy playtime with my cat without his festivities getting suddenly halted by the telephone, or some other distraction in my life.

       If there is a downside to DART, it is the noise it makes.  The volume isn’t enough to cause a nuisance, or even be detected in the adjacent room.  But it was loud enough to cause my cat considerable trepidation the first few times hearing it.  However, I highly recommend DART to cat parents (dog parents too).  Just be prepared for skittish pets (like mine) to require a bit of an introductory period.  It will be well worth the time and effort.

6 thoughts on “DART: Another FroliCat Review

  1. Great reviews! I was wondering if you feel that the DART is the better product all around, or are there cases where the BOLT might be a better buy?

    I live in a small house and don’t have any one large room in which to set up a DART or BOLT. Do you think I might be better off going with a BOLT so that I aim it at a smaller area for my cats to play in?

    • BOLT might be a better choice for especially small spaces. However, my cat’s play area is in a smaller room, and once I found the right place for it (must be set in the center of the room for intended performance), DART proved the superior product.

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