FroliCat BOLT: A Cat Toy Review

       Most cat people will probably agree that one of the greatest joys of cat parenting is playtime!  For me, kitty playtime falls second only to kitty cuddle time.  However, there are those times in my day, when I’ve just walked through the door after a long workshift, or worse, just about an hour before my alarm clock is due to start blaring, that I simply cannot summon the energy to entertain my beloved feline friend. 

       Enter BOLT.  This innovative design by FroliCat is a godsend!  BOLT‘s beam        mechanically zips around in alternating movement patterns ideal for piquing my cat’s interests and capturing his imagination.  Cats and cat parents can enjoy long periods of interactive play with FroliCat’s BOLT.  But, BOLT’s greatest allure is perhaps the solo play option it provides.

       My sweet boy no longer has to wait for mommy to get out of bed in the morning.  With FroliCat BOLT, he now gets to play on his schedule.  With just the quick touch of a button, I can set the laser beam into motion, and head back to bed!  There is just one downside: BOLT lasts only fifteen minutes in a clip.  So, I can bet on my cat returning to the bedroom to protest.  But hitting a button every fifteen minutes certainly beats getting up an hour early, or getting batted in the face with the back of a paw until I agree to stand in the living room and swing a fuzzy mouse from a string.  

You can purchase this item by FroliCat here: 



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