Gillian, My Love

You said to me

“Life is just a song”

So I sang the verse

Of the Song of Life

Where the lyrics say

You said to me

“Life is just a song”


And now the most amazing thing

About you standing in the doorway

Is you’re standing in the doorway

And you’re standing alone


I wish I could be you

Or see you

Or meet you

Or be someone like you

But I’m not so sure I should


And so I’m lying in the bathroom

And I’m thinking about you

And I’m thinking about the weather

And why my plants won’t grow


Hence, before I walk the line

Between perfections I’ve yet to sign

Shallow dream, my soot-washed theme

I, like you, can do anything



Worms in my apple

Sharps in my flats

Binds in your apron strings

To Fireside Chats


Ants in my snow

Trolls beneath my bridge

Needles in my thoughts

And whitefish rotting in the fridge


Spiders by my tuffet

Repeat of my refrain

Queen of Hearts and Catholic Nuns

Parading through my rain


Drive the snakes from Ireland

Kiss the babies good

Drunken on your two-percent

And scammed by Robin Hood


Stabbed with kisses

Stung by butterflies

-Can’t help being honeycut

Hip in my Hop

Turn around again

And go back

To the smack

With a wrap-around for rent

Sayin’ “Gotta’ represent!”

Knowledge at the deli

On the corner

In the city

Itty-gritty, not too pretty

What a shitty, shitty day

Hey, hey! Better recognize

The dialect that overlies

The woolin’-pullin’ over eyes

Underneath the smoggy skies

Lackin’ all the quackin’

Of a feather-fly-together

If ya’ see me and I smile

Will ya’ help me learn your style?


Better if I’m ready

Growin’ on me steady

Don’t‘cha wanna’ head me

On my way goin’ back?

Back, back to the city

And back to the smack

With a wrap-around for rent

Sayin’ “Gotta’ represent”



Long warm night

Of Hennesey lovin’

Carried into light

On a swollen pink morning

No warning, “run and cover!”

For her softer side

This Easy-Ridin’ Lover

Geared toward homicide

Left hogtied

Bestride the riptide

Inside her


Calls her “Cowgirl”



Priding herself

On strength to resist


Unkissed by deadly lips

Of Love



Of her brighter side

Washing out flames

From this crash’n’burn joyride

Then backslide

Cast aside reason

Honeyguide treason

She led him…

Noontide season


Reached his goal

Slid through boarder patrol

On cruise control, he rode


Taught by flesh peddlers

Fearing soul settlers

She lassoed his cowgirl

And led her…